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Andrew Gale

Mr Gale has been a Co-opted Parent Governor since November 2013. He is on the F&GP Committee and is responsible for RE, PSHE & ICT.

Amy Jones-Holt

Mrs Jones-Holt has been a Parent Governor since February 2010.
She is on the following Committees - PM and Discipline.
Mrs Jones-Holt is responsible for monitoring Safeguarding Children, Special Educational Needs & Disabilities and Inclusion.

Di Green

Mrs Green has been a Staff Governor since January 2008. She is on the SDC Committee.

Mat Da Silva

Mr DaSilva has been a Local Authority Governor since July 2009. He is Joint Vice-Chair with Ms Richmond.
He is on the F&GP, Discipline Committees and is also responsible for monitoring Assessment and Pupil Premium.

Mark Harrison

Mr Harrison has been a Co-opted Governor since October 2014. He is on the SDC Committee and is responsible for monitoring the Key Stage 1 Curriculum.

Richard Wynne

Mr Wynn has been a Co-opted Governor since March 2006. He is on the SDC and P&P Committees and is responsible for monitoring Numeracy and Early Years.

Rose Richmond

Mrs Richmond is joint-Vice chair, alongside Mr Mat Da Silva, of our Governing Body has been a Parent Governor since February 2014. She is on the F&GP and Discipline Committees. She is responsible for monitoring Literacy and Health & Safety.

Mr Mabbutt

Mr Mabbutt has been an Associate Member since January 2015. He has no voting rights on the FGB but has voting rights on all Committees. He is on the F&GP and SDC Committees.

Mrs Atwal

Mrs Atwal has been a Governor at school since her appointment as Head Teacher. Mrs Atwal deals with all queries that come into school.

Mrs Darby

Mrs Darby is a recently Co-opted Teacher Governor. She is on the SDC Committee.

Rev John Whitney

Rev Whitney is a Co-opted Governor and is a member of the Standards Committee, responsible for RE monitoring.

Julian Bland

Mr Bland is the Chair of our Governing Body; he is a member of the Standards and Finance Committee and has responsibility for monitoring of PE and Science.

Ms Rigby

Ms Rigby is a Parent Governor. She attends the Standards Committee and Full Governing Body meetings. Lucy has responsibility for English.

Mr Conway

Mr Conway is a Parent Governor.

Mrs Bonshor

Mrs Bonshor is a Parent Governor


CLICK HERE for the LATEST GOVERNOR’S STATEMENTGovernors’ ~ March 2017 statement


Our Governing Body 2016 – 2017

Head Teacher     1      CTA                                 
Parents               4      AJH, RR, JB, MC                                                          
Local Authority    1      MD,                                                                                
Co-opted             6      RW, AG, MH, JW, TD, Vacancy                                    
Staff                    1      DG,
Associate            1      CM

Full Governing Body has 14 Governors plus 1 Associate Member.  We currently have one vacancy for a Co-opted Governor
All Governors have a four year term of office which can be renewed.

LA Governors are recommended by the Local Authority but appointed by the Governing Body.
Co-opted Governors are appointed by the Governing Body.
Parent Governors are elected and appointed by the parents of the school children.
Staff Governors are elected and appointed by school staff.


Acronyms of Committees

PM –  Performance Management,  P&P  – Pupils & Personnel,  F&GP – Finance & General Purposes, SDC –   Strategic Development & Curriculum

Microsoft Word - WEB SITE governor-information 2017.docx


The Governing Body has the responsibility to:
  1. Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction;
  2. Holding the Headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils;
  3. Overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent.

The Governing body are the strategic leaders of the school. The head teacher is responsible for the day-to-day management of the school but school governors work with the Head to set the school’s aims and policies. There are also other important duties the governors and Head carry out including:

  • Deciding how many staff to employ
  • Setting targets for pupil achievement
  • Managing the school’s finances
  • Making sure the curriculum is varied and balanced
  • Hearing appeals and grievances
  • Monitoring pupils’ behaviour and discipline
  • Visit and get to know the school and the people in it.
  • Work in partnership with the Head teacher to raise standards.
  • Help to decide the priorities for improving the school.
  • Support the aims of the school.
  • Many more…..

The full Governing Body meets once per term. In addition there are two main committees that deal with issues in more detail, namely Finance & General Purpose (F&GP) and Strategic Development Committee (SDC). These committees also meet once a term and report back to the FGB.

School governors have a vital role to play in making sure all children at our school receive the highest standard of education possible and are able to achieve their full potential.  They MUST HAVE:

  • an interest in all the children’s futures
  • a desire to make a difference
  • a willingness to accept responsibility
  • an ability to work in a team and is happy to ask questions, listen and learn


Governing Body Remits

1.   Changes to the Instrument of Government, including terms of office
2.   To appoint, suspend or remove governors (refer to the guide to the law for specific requirements)
3.   To appoint associate members and determine voting rights on committees
4.   To elect or remove the chair
5.   To elect or remove the vice-chair
6.   To appoint link or designated governors, e.g. performance management, child protection and complaints
7.   To decide on additional attendance at full governors’ meetings
8.   To decide the arrangements for full governing body meetings (legal minimum 3 per year)
9.   To regulate the procedures of meetings, for example code of conduct
10. Establishment and membership of committees and their remits, including selection panels for Headteacher and deputy Headteacher recruitment
11. To establish the governors’ register of pecuniary and business interests and oversee its maintenance
12. To publish proposals for alteration, change of category or closure of the school
13. To ensure that the school meets for 380 sessions in a school year
14. To approve the Annual Budget Plan* and Best Value statement
15. To establish the financial limits of delegated authority to enter into commitments and to authorise payments
16. To approve a written description of financial systems and procedures in line with the LA’s scheme for financing schools
17. To recruit a new Head teacher and Deputy Headteacher
18. Ratification of the appointment of a Headteacher and deputy Headteacher
19. To determine the arrangements for the appointment of all other staff
20. To recruit staff on the leadership spine
21. To recruit all other staff
22. To appoint and dismiss the clerk to governors
23. To participate in the school self-review process including the review of the governing body effectiveness
24. Setting the Individual School Range (ISR)
25. Decision to federate or form joint committees with other schools.
26. To consider whether or not to exercise delegation of functions to individuals or committees
27. To decide to offer additional activities under extended schools provision – or to cease provision
28. To ensure the school is working to the Financial Management Standards in Schools (FMSiS)
29. To appoint a clerk to the Discipline Committee (who is not a governor or the Headteacher)
30. To monitor and review pupil attendance
31. To establish and monitor a governors expenses scheme
32. To publish proposals to alter, discontinue or change category of school

14 * Derby City Council provide information and guidance within the LA’s scheme for financing schools.
This function can be delegated to the Finance Committee.

Alvaston Infant & Nursery SchoolAlvaston Infant & Nursery SchoolAlvaston Infant & Nursery SchoolAlvaston Infant & Nursery SchoolAlvaston Infant & Nursery SchoolAlvaston Infant & Nursery SchoolAlvaston Infant & Nursery School